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“Teaching is not about transferring knowledge, but about creating possibilities for your own production or construction”.

(Paulo Freire)


FRANCISCO ROSA NETO, was born on November 14, 1960, Itapetininga, São Paulo, Brazil. He attended elementary school in public schools. In 1977, his family moved to the South of Brazil (father worked in a bank and mother an elementary school teacher). During this period he completed high school and started his undergraduate studies in Physical Education at the Santa Catarina State University - UDESC. After his graduation, he attended specialization programs in “SPECIAL EDUCATION” and “EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION”. During this phase: he worked with children enrolled at public schools in Florianópolis (BRAZIL); coordinated a team of Physical Education professionals in a private institution with 5,000 students; and was an employee in a hospital in Florianópolis (BRAZIL).

In November 1991 he received a scholarship from the Brazilian Government and was able to take a Master's degree in “Mental Disability and Learning Disorders”, Faculty of Medicine, University of Seville; in 1993 he started a PhD program at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zaragoza, Spain. After finishing his studies abroad, he returned to Brazil in the second semester of 1996.

In 1997, he started as an undergraduate professor in Santa Catarina State University - UDESC through a public tender. At this Institution, he was one of the founders of the master's and doctoral program in Human Movement Sciences, since then he has supervised (1997-2014) 36 scientific works (master's and doctorate) in Motor Development area. Today, he coordinates the Human Development Laboratory, developing several research works and scientific investigation in the following areas: infants with neurological and social risks; children with school learning difficulties; and elderly.

Served as professor in Physiotherapy, Physical Education, Medicine courses, in a Psychopedagogy Master’s program and at the University of the South of Santa Catarina – UNISUL. Went through clinical practices in University Hospitals of Seville and Zaragoza (Spain); Florianópolis University Hospital (HU / UFSC); UNISUL Maternal and Child Ambulatory. Author of five books on Human Development and several articles.

Research Lines:

  • Undertakes motor assessments and interventions with infants (0-48 months) that presents neurological or social risk factors for neuropsychomotor development.
  • Undertakes motor assessments and interventions with children (4-11 years) who have difficulties in school learning, conduct disorders, Down syndrome and invasive developmental disorders.
  • Develop and evaluate tools to assess the development of this population.

  • Undertakes motor fitness assesments in adults and the elderly.
  • Undertakes intervention programs through motor activities to maintain and/or recover motor skills decline due to aging.
  • Undertakes intervention programs through motor activities to maintain and/or recover motor skills decline due to aging.


  • Evaluation of reading and writing skills in children enrolled in the 3rd year of Elementary Education in public schools.
  • Neuropsychomotor Assessment and Intervention.
  • School Health.
  • Motor Assessment and Intervention from 3 to 10 Years.
  • Motor intervention for children with learning difficulties.
  • Neuropsychomotor assessment and intervention in children with prematurity history.
  • Early Intervention in Children at Social Risk.


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